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Posted on: February 27, 2008 2:19 pm

What Were They Thinking?!

For my latest fantasy baseball blog entry, I will be talking trades, but not just your regular trades, the trades that make you raise an eyebrow, tilt your head, drop you jaw and go "Huh?". That's right, the trades to end all trades! The "Who on Earth would do that?" offers, and the "What are they, stupid?" offer accepters. Here they are, 10 of the latest Fantasy Trades, straight out of CBS Fantasy Baseball League player pages, that will make you scratch your head until you're bald in that one spot, and if you look hard enough, you might find some small fantasy tips!

10. H2H League: Jonathan Papelbon for Francisco Liriano: Now, this may end up being a great deal, but at this moment, it's stupid, and here's why. Papelbon is one of if not the best closer in baseball, and H2H leagues get 10 points per save and 1 point per strikeout, and Papelbon gets a lot of those, along with not allowing many runs. Papelbon proved last season that his shoulder can hold up an entire season and the playoffs, so Francona will be trusting him in more situations on back-to-back days more often. Not overusing his arm, but he'll get more chances. They gave him up for a pitcher coming back from Tommy John Surgery (before the usual 12 months they say to recover from it), who hasn't thrown a pitch since 2006. And besides that, Liriano has only thrown a few months at the major league level. Not only could he get hurt, but he could completely flop too! There are plenty of pitchers who explode out of the gate and then no one ever hears from them again. Could that be Liriano? Who knows, can't say one way or another until he pitches again, but as of right now, this trade is way too risky considering what was given up.

9. Roto League: Chase Utley for Dan Uggla: There are position tiers in baseball. At Second Base, Chase Utley is in a tier all his own. He is, by far, the best second baseman in baseball. Dan Uggla is a power hitting second baseman whose numbers will drop without Miguel Cabrera in the lineup, all-around, and bats for a mediocre average. As sad as it is at the position, he is in the second tier, but the dropoff between Top Tier (Utley) and second tier (Cano, Phillips, Uggla, Roberts) is huge, especially between Utley and Uggla. I don't know what possesed someone to do this, I mean, it's the same position. Did they wake up and go, "Y'know what, my team is too strong, I think I'll trade away my first round Second Baseman for a lesser second baseman picked up in the later rounds so I can make the league more fair!"

8. Roto League: Ichiro Suzuki for Ryan Garko: H2H, if you needed a little more power and already had a great outfield, this wouldn't be as bad. Still bad, but not as bad. Roto, this is just awful. Ichiro can single handedly win you a Roto week in SB, hits, and avg. Garko can't. He's an average player playing at a huge power position, and he loses time to V-mart and Hafner. This was just an awful trade.

7. Roto League: Francisco Rodriguez for C.C. Sabathia, Alex Rios, and Chad Cordero: Come on! Roto league, closers aren't that crucial. At most, they help in Saves, a bit in WHIP, and maybe strikeouts, that's it! This manager gave away last year's AL Cy Young Award winner, a breakout top-hitter in Alex Rios who will help in virtually every stat category on offense, and an already decent closer for a top closer. All of that, for one closer is obsurd. It's ridiculous, Sabathia by himself has more value in Roto than Rodriguez. And then they add Rios and Cordero....this one more than most others gave me a headache. This just lacked a thought process.

6. Roto League: Joe Blanton, Victor Martinez, and Billy Wagner for Brad Lidge: Now, the sheer number of players given up for Lidge makes it a bad deal. Add to that the best catcher in baseball (and dual position eligible), an already decent closer, a somewhat decent starter, and the fact that this trade was done after it was announced that Lidge would need surgery and could miss the start of the season (possibly more), it's just stupid. Either the offering owner is a die-hard Phillies fan, and I mean die-hard, or they have been banging their head against a wall for a bit too long.

5. Roto League: Manny Ramirez and Vernon Wells for Evan Longoria: One future Hall of Famer and one amazing player who was injured last year traded for a prospect who 1, hasn't seen a major league pitch yet and 2, may not start the season in the majors and 3, IS A PROSPECT. A top prospect, yes, but both Vernon Wells and Man-Ram are two players expected to have huge comeback years since they're both healthier and both playing for contendors. Two potential MVPs traded for a potential Rookie of the Year, doesn't make sense, at all. It's mind boggling how undervalued these two players are being looked at in this draft season. Even if Manny drastically underperforms and stays near his 2007 standards, it's still better than most players out there.

4. Roto League: Prince Fielder for Matt Holliday, Scott Kazmir, and B.J. Upton: Fielder is a stud, no doubt about that, but what a haul for just one player. That's a potential top 10 starter to go along with a perennial MVP candidate and a rising all around roto-stud in Upton. Holliday and Fielder are fairly close, fielder has better HR numbers, but Holliday has better RBI, run, and SB numbers, not to mention an average 50 points higher than Fielder. Add to that the young lefty and the stud CF, this guy must've really really really wanted the Prince, badly, because the person that traded him must be dancing after that haul.

3. H2H League: Ryan Howard for Lastings Milledge: Alright, this one's tough to start on, but what the heck was this person thinking?! Ryan Howard is an established HR hitting stud. Sure the batting avg went down and the strikeouts went up, but he gives you what H2H teams need, run producing power, and a lot of it. Milledge, he hasn't done diddly squat yet except for a rap video and enough to get him booted out of New York. This isn't crazy, it's just stupid, plain and simple.

2. H2H League: Jose B. Reyes and David Wright for Jon Garland: Maybe this person really really needed pitching, or they really need a fantasy player guide. Even so, I think if they needed more pitching, they could have gotten a heck of a lot more from Wright and Reyes than Jon Garland. I'm sure the previous owner of Jon Garland must have checked the calander to make sure it wasn't Christmas morning when he saw this trade proposed to him.

1. H2H League: Johan Santana for Dontrelle Willis: It would be one thing if someone offered Willis for Santana and it was accepted, but it's a whole nother story that someone actually offered Johan Santana for Dontrelle Willis. Learn to stop at 2 scotches next time, and don't make fantasy trades when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or stupidity. Best pitcher in baseball moving to the better league for a struggling young pitcher who's career did a 180, moving to the tougher league. Wow, someone get this owner some coffee and an ice pack, because when their buzz finally fades and they realize what they did, they'll need it!

Now, I realize more than one of these trades was probably done between two 12 year olds playing in their first fantasy season, or for fans who don't care about winning but just want their favorite players on the team, but take this in tongue and cheek. This is meant to be a fun discussion, and I would prefer that over hearing people calling me a moron for taking these all so seriously, because I'm not. They're just trades I spotted that looked pretty ludicrous to me!

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Posted on: February 17, 2008 2:28 pm
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I hope they're all this good

First official draft of the season today, 5th pick in a 10 team random Yahoo league, H2H scoring, with categories of; R,H,2B,3B,HR,RBI,SB,AVG and for pitchers W,CG,SV,K,ERA,WHIP.

Edit Note: Made my first trade of the season. Got rid of Eric Gagne and packaged him with Torii Hunter for Alex Rios. I expect Hunter to decline a bit and Rios to break out more, so I like the deal. Also, with the free spot, I'm going to attempt to pick up Juan Pierre over the Waiver Wire, and if that doesn't work, then I pick up an extra available closer (Percival or one of the two Wilson's).

My offense:

My pitching:

I took Braun third round because 1, he was available, and 2, because he'll be outfield eligible after the first few games of the season, so that allows me to potentially trade one of my other outfielders to upgrade at another position, possibly SS or elsewhere. For now, Orlando Cabrera will be my starting shortstop, but Yunel Escobar is a very good backup to have, and when the weakest position player is Orlando Cabrera, I think the team is pretty solid since he'll provide help in almost every stat category except HR. I also picked up Geovany Soto because he was available in the 21st round. I mean, I've seen him go as the 3rd catcher drafted, which is ridiculously early for him, but he's a highly touted prospect who could have a big payoff. And if he sucks, I just drop him and pick up a FA, or package him in a trade.

I have 3 closers because the P spots can be SP or RP, and on days when I have few starters going I can start 3 closers and rack up saves and Ks. The SP will get a lot of strikeouts, and the WHIP is solid except for Perez. Overall, I think this is a pretty scary team. Thoughts? Ideas? Any particular position or scoring stat you think I should look to upgrade in?

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